Japanese Lessons

The rare beautiful language using three characters, Japanese. Under our precise and courteous guidance, you’ll be able to express yourself in Japanese from the bottom of your heart as well as daily conversation and JLPT. How about feeling Japanese heart and mind on the opportunity to live in this country.


Service: 〜5 Trusts


Trust 1

Particular people

Particularly for people living around Edogawa-ku, especially in Kasai and Ojima areas etc. Indians are big welcome.


Trust 2

Small group lessons & Private lessons

Group lessons with students in the same level. Let’s enjoy together and support each other. Private lessons go over the parts you already know quickly, and concentrate on the parts you study for the first time and repeat them as many times as you need. Study at your own pace and ask your teacher for advice whenever you need.


Trust 3

Sophisticated annual program

Annual course setting based on experience in working at language schools. It's inevitable to achieve your goal if you follow the schedule of "Total Support Course".


Trust 4

Easy to continue with busy schedule

This course is including spare days. Therefore, it's possible to cancel lessons in case of emergency especially children's matters. So you can keep both your family safety and your own motivation high. And leaving lessons during classes and cancellation on the lesson day in an emergency are acceptable. Make-up recorded lessons are available.


Trust 5

The experienced female teacher

・Qualified as a Japanese teacher. Also teaching at a school as an English teacher (TOEIC over 950).
・The teacher with 20 years of teaching experience is in charge of all the lessons.


Service: 〜1 Big Satisfaction



Pass the target level of JLPT and love Japanese even more.